Industry Status Quo and Pain Points
After years of development, most of the retail brand owners have accumulated high-quality reputation and millions of members and followers.
A big brand shall take into account at certain development stages, the ways to consolidate these members and followers, build a membership map, and carry out membership marketing activities.
  • Dispersed data

    Millions of members are widely diverted on websites, offline counters, supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and social platforms. What if they are not interlinked?
  • Inconsistent experience

    How do we ensure a consistent experience for consumer through store consumption and online interaction?
  • Messy user labels

    Is an unorganized label system able to offer valuable business insights, provide strategic guidance for follow-up marketing activities, or guide enterprises to make profits?
  • Incomplete life cycle

    How do we design a whole life time customer journey including registration, purchase, re-purchase, reactivation, data mining, and loyalty enhancement?
Retail Industry Solutions
  • 01

    Integrated Omni-channel Data and Management

  • 02

    Label System Construction

  • 03

    Automated Lifecycle Operations

  • 04

    Social Marketing Campaign Planning

Integrated Omni-channel Data and Management
Based on SCRM, integrate consumer data from stores, online shops and other channels into a unified online view to form a membership map, design marketing activities, to improve marketing efficiency and optimize customer experience, and promote growth of brand performance and profits.
  • Unity: convenient membership binding process, forming a unified perspective
  • Diversity: build a highly interactive marketing scenario and dynamically enrich user portraits
  • Guidance: Clarify marketing orientation, such as group segmentation, life cycle planning, best content/product recommendation, re-marketing journey, etc.
Label System Construction
Sort out user labels regularly, optimize membership label system according to real-time business needs, ensure brand insights of potential consumption demands of each consumer type, and activate refined operation.
Automated Lifecycle Operations
Establish a precise management system for membership operation strategy analysis, focus on cultivation of brand membership loyalty, and ensure complete brand penetration with a more sustained momentum.
  • Registration
  • Purchase
  • Repurchase
  • Reactivation
  • Audience: New WeChat follower Strategy: Attract follower to register to enjoy their member benefit

  • Audience: Registered member without purchase Strategy: Accelerate conversion rate by personalized recommendation & coupon

  • Audience: Purchased member Strategy: Enhance member engagement & win gifts with member points

  • Audience: Laspsed Member Strategy: Personalized recommendation & discount incentive

Social marketing plan
Focus on current hot topics, adapt to actual consumer scenarios, and plan social marketing campaign. H5 & customized mini-app development, upgrade O2O interactive experience; Advertising via Wechat moments, KOL promotion, etc.

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