Extend from any online touchpoint to create a more comprehensive user profile
Unifying omni-channel data to create connected customer experience is the most important and difficult step. Users will contact with the brands through different IDs (e.g. mobile phone, email, membership ID, etc.) via various channels such as website, online advertising, wechat, app, e-commerce platforms, offline stores, mini-app, etc. The first step of SCRM function is to automatically identify and manage these IDs and unify them to create connected customer experience thereafter.
Integrate with Existing Enterprise Systems to Do More Valuable Marketing Exploration
Fast access to large amounts of user data through highly stable data interface, to ensure that the data structure is highly flexible and scalable.
Support to interface with various mainstream data sources, provide detailed logs, and grasp the access status of different data sources in real time based on powerful data access capacity.
Download: Intelligent Marketing White Paper (marketing strategy + best practices)
Identify the right users through data-driven tag system
Set up a more suitable rating system for labels, crowd screening and leads, to identify sales-ready leads and enhance consumer lifetime value through label management, user segmentation and user rating model.
Core of user portrait: label system, define user portrait based on different dimensions
Customer acquisition channel
User value
Engagement level
User life cycle stage
Product life cycle phase
User attribute
Quickly identify target group based on labels
Filter target group in real time and support cross analysis, including:
Customer basic information
Online behaviour
Order record
Identify high-quality business opportunities through leads scoring model
Define contacts’ funnel stage, automatically select high-quality business opportunities, timely inform sales to follow-up, and ensure marketing and sales coordination.
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