Automated Multi-Touch-Points Journey Planning
Multi-conditional triggers to easily launch an automated marketing journey
Continuously stimulate interaction among target groups to enhance conversion efficiency
Efficient communication through touchpoints like wechat, email, MMS, etc., with highly relevant contents
Automated Multi-Touch-Points Journey Planning
Save 30% on labor costs, since it’s easy to plan a journey map
Preset user behavior, time, events and other trigger conditions, and then the journey will process automatically
Marketing journey creation assistant: guide users from 0-1 to create a journey
Rationalize optimal communication channels for conversion efficiency
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Continuously Stimulate Interaction Among Target Groups to Enhance Conversion Efficiency
Single marketing journey based on marketing planning
Cycle marketing journey based on user life cycle
Real-time journey triggerred by QR code scanning, registration and order placing
You can plan more innovative automated marketing journey with all the blocks.
Efficient Communication Through Touch Points with Highly Relevant Contents
Drag-and-drop email editor, free combination of various editing blocks, automatically adaptive to different devices
Personalized Wechat template messages can be delivered actively, which breaks the "48 hour interaction" limit
You can create a form and then unify the user ID by connecting Wechat ID with existing CRM system
MMS graphic message can also be delivered with less designing time and higher reading rate
How do we keep track of interactive behaviors of the same user in different channels?
Capture Business Opportunities Through Website, Grasp Real-time Feedback, and Improve Sales Conversion Rate
Identify sales-ready leads or potential buyers by scoring system, nurture and dig the leads value, and automatically deliver win-ready leads to sales
Identify Sales-ready Leads or Potential Buyers with Leads Scoring System
Every interaction with a lead through website is recorded to identify users’ interests, and analyze user interests according to their behavior path, so as to improve sales conversion rate
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Marketing automation of leads nurturing and lost leads re-marketing
Marketing automation of leads nurturing: automatically trigger product information that may be of interest to potential customers, and then remind sales to follow up
Marketing automation of lost leads remarketing: try to win back potential customers by figuring out why they don’t decide to buy and then try to close the deal.
Establish Sales Opportunity Management System, for Higher Sales Efficiency
Identify potential buyers among massive traffic, and follow up leads faster to improve sales efficiency.
Promotes leads conversion by leads distribution and follow-up management (automatic lead nurturing vs salesperson follow-up)
How do we interact more effectively with users through all those marketing touch points?
Content center
An efficient editing tool to make creative content
Template Library:Rich e-mail template library
Integration:Bring together materials from all channels for easy browsing
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