Freely Assembled Data Dashboard
Based on business insight and experiences, design multi-dimensional indicators and data models for visual presentation




User Analysis
Profiles, labels, consumption records, and interactive records are of equal significance, and all contribute to consolidating a more comprehensive user portrait.
The dashboard can show users' current situation at a glance, and can formulate different marketing strategies according to user characteristics.
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Sales Analysis
Comprehensive analysis of sales status of each channel contains order quantity and amount, marketing channel, order source, etc.
This information is of great significance for operators to achieve sales goals. For example, when the order amount of a channel declines, responsible operators of the channel shall be contacted in time to discuss countermeasures and specify a new marketing plan.
Portfolio Analysis
With data and analysis tools of different dimensions, analysis results need to be further consolidated for further insights.
For example:
• Analyze the marketing performance of different groups, to identify the group difference or relationship between behavioral performance and group characteristics.
• Changes in the number of people with characteristics, trends in behavior or characteristics over a given time period
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