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Registration verification
High quality channels at home and abroad, 99% delivery ratio
Industry SMS (verification code) with delivery in seconds, to improve service efficiency and user experience.
Delivery peak up to tens of millions of pushes, to cover target audience to the largest extent possible.
Mainstream operator channel, covering 240 countries or regions, with stable transmission channel, guarantee smooth SMS transmission.
Tracking of short links, better performance evaluation
One click to generate short links, saving the cost of SMS marketing.
Real-time follow-up of link clicks to easily learn about the promotion effect of SMS marketing with better evaluation performance.
Personalized fields, marketing interaction module to easily promote marketing activities
Marketing interaction module to support upstream and downstream activities and allow easy planning of marketing activities without pressure.
Support personalized SMS, build multi-dimensional user portrait, edit creative content according to user habits, and create good user experience.
More reliable service
Mature database docking, perfect early warning mechanism, and improved safety attributes of SMS marketing.
Three-in-one number or exclusive brand tail number can be selected to ensure personalized marketing service.
7x24 technical support, quick response, timely solution of relevant problems and perfect intelligent marketing scheme available.
Market Frontier: Rich media SMS
No APP is required, and rich media interaction can be realized by using the SMS inbox of mobile phone. Various formats such as pictures, videos and audio are supported. Targeted traffic is reduced and users can try it for free. At the same time, it can also provide data support for other marketing decisions, realize precision marketing, and bring new and better user interaction experience.
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