Powerful email delivery capacity Netease free quota, global ISP coverage and exclusive IP
Level 19 Netease integrity alliance, high level of free quota
Daily email peak up to 30 million/day
Worldwide coverage of 148 ISPs
Exclusive IP channel, avoid impact from other senders
Optimize delivery strategy and help cultivate domain reputation level Database cleaning, delivery strategy optimization, white list filing
Professional database combing, filter out invalid mailbox, reduce soft/hard return rate
Strategic delivery of data grouping, improve domain reputation level
Domain name filing in ISPs at home and abroad for effective risk control
Standardized function module for automatic and precise membership marketing API & SMTP docking, trigger, filter, A / B test
Use "trigger" to send mail automatically according to preset trigger conditions
Embedded "filter" function in the platform, and group users according to preset conditions
A / B test function can filter out the "best" mails and automatically send them later
Drag-and-drop editor, easy to create professional emails without any designing skills
Rich basic block library:
built-in multiple sets of industry template samples, in unlimited free combinations
Quick edit preview window:
you get what you see, text and picture can be replaced easily, and email page design can be optimized with ease
Adaptive display terminal:
automatically match display of different devices without additional mail coding
International standard report, reasonable evaluation of email performance S.A.M.E certification, intuitive, instant, multi-dimensional
S.A.M.E certification obtained, execution in strict accordance with international standards
Multi-dimensional real-time feedback, providing comprehensive and intuitive analysis report of marketing activities
Embed performance conversion points, evaluate commercial effect of e-mail marketing, and improve ROI
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